MomsTeachSex – Stepmom Goes Alpha – S18:E8

MomsTeachSex – Stepmom Goes Alpha – S18:E8

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Leana Lovings is staying with her friend Odetta Fox’s mother and is having trouble getting along with Odetta’s stepson, Codey Steele. Odetta tries to make peace between the two by suggesting they role-play. She asks Leana and Codey to pretend they’re married. The two say they can’t, but Odetta says they’ll stay there until they learn to get along.

A short time later, Odetta hears strange noises coming from the living room. She comes in and sees Codey doing it with Leana in the dog salon! They were doing what they were told, playing at being married, and then it went too far. More than that, Leana has a fantasy where Codey’s stepmom throws her off her dick and screams that her stepson shouldn’t be fucked like that. Then the stepmom forces Leana to watch it happen. Odetta is very aroused by the idea, but she claims that she shouldn’t do it. When the younger couple changes positions so that Leana rides Codey’s cock in the cowgirl, Odetta comes and does exactly what Leana wanted.

Leana has to watch and masturbate while Odetta rides Codey’s boner, but don’t worry: Odetta is happy to finger Leana at the same time. Then she helps Leana on Codey’s boner in Reverse Cowgirl. The girls take Codey’s cock in a double BJ before Odetta makes another attempt. On her knees, Odetta eats Leana out while Codey does her from behind in Doggy. With her head in Odetta’s lap, Leana takes pussy one last time before Codey dumps his load on her belly. The impromptu threesome has really released so much of the tension that everyone is now sure they’ll be able to happily coexist.

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