Stepmom Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Valentines Day – S19:E1

Stepmom Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Valentines Day – S19:E1

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Descriptions: | Stepmom Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Valentines Day – S19:E1

For Valentine’s Day, Molly Little receives some amusing presents from her lover Codey Steele. When Molly thinks she has opened every gift, Codey surprises her with one last gift: a remote-controlled bullet vibrator. Molly is eager to wear it because he wants her to on their date this evening. Molly insists she is prepared as she crams the item inside her small handbag. Codey gives it a go right there, earning some steamy screams from his diminutive girlfriend.

Codey is instructed to turn it off by Molly because she cums loudly, but it won’t do so. They attempt to remove the vibrator, but her pussy is too clenched to allow them to do so. Lauren Phillips, Molly’s stepmother, enters the room to investigate the commotion. She also tries to turn off the toy. When that fails, Lauren instructs Codey to massage Molly’s genitalia as she pulls. Lauren informs Molly that she must exert herself greatly in order to free the trapped vibrator. If Lauren doesn’t fuck Codey in front of her, according to Molly, she won’t be able to.

Lauren spreads her thighs and raises her miniskirt in a panic. While Molly implores her partner to do the same, she begs Codey to fuck her. Molly gets the dramatic climax she needs to finally release the vibrator as she watches Codey jam it in. What better way to mark the occasion than to partake in the sensual fun? Molly puts her mouth on her stepmom’s enormous titties before tagging out so that Lauren can assist Codey in fucking her in doggy. After sharing a BJ, the ladies mount Codey so Lauren can ride him. When it’s Molly’s turn once more, Lauren stands by her side encouraging her as she places Codey on her back. A treat for the girls to share is left as Codey finally pulls out just in time to cum all over Molly’s twat.

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