SPRD-1105 I took the virginity of my 30 year old aunt. Reiko Kitagawa

SPRD-1105 I took the virginity of my 30 year old aunt. Reiko Kitagawa

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I’m a 30-year-old working in a tranquil rural setting. She’s a virgin as well, and I’ve never been popular. I already feel alone. I pondered, but then I was abruptly sent to Tokyo. I hurriedly requested assistance from my Tokyo-based aunt Reiko. I traveled to Reiko to look for a place to live for the time being. Reiko shares a home with her daughter and spouse. I was relieved to cordially welcome it. That evening, as I prepared to take a bath, I couldn’t take my eyes off the two bras in the laundry basket. I had never seen a live female bra, so I was quite thrilled and got a full erection when I did. I was ready to sink when my daughter entered. Even though I covered my crotch, my bra remained the same. My daughter wished me bad luck. I was holding my head in shame and guilt when I went back to my room. Quickly, the door opened, and Aunt Reiko entered. Evidently, I was following the conversation. When I took my hand, Aunt Reiko advised me not to worry too much and to go for a consultation if I was feeling alright. I made the bold admission that I liked Aunt Reiko. I once begged Aunt Reiko to give me a hug, and she did so graciously. And …

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