Step Brother Fucks Sister Mandy Muse in the laundry room

Step Brother Fucks Sister Mandy Muse in the laundry room

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The brother of Mandy Muse is a psycho. He struts about the house, finger pointing, and muttering under his breath about how obnoxious his stepsister is. Throughout this, he is plotting to insert that finger of his into her privates. His scheme was successful, but Mandy was not pleased. Her brother is perplexed by her request that he depart. He had the impression that ladies enjoy having their privates stroked, but Mandy set him straight. She enjoys having her pussy caressed. What on earth?! Her brother, fortunately, picks up new tricks fast and can change holes with ease. As he eats her out on the bed, she lets his curious fingers glide into her illuminated slit. Subsequently, he brings a small gift to the laundry room to surprise her. DICK! Before putting her through his own spin cycle, he inserts it into her. After a few days, Mandy is frightened because the electricity has gone off. In the dark, she cringes! Fortunately, her brother is nearby to provide her with some much-needed consolation. Having family is the best!


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