Uncle Fucker – Giselle Palmer [PureTaboo]

Uncle Fucker – Giselle Palmer [PureTaboo]

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Precocious 18-year-old Jessica sits knees-tucked on her bedroom floor doing cosmetics in front of a mirror. She smiles and pouts at herself, snapping selfies, before her father calls her into the kitchen. On Sunday, the big game, he’s inviting numerous friends around, including John, Jessica’s crush and uncle. When Jessica struts in the kitchen, her father is surprised. Why is she dressed that way? She is too young for provocative attire! Jessica protests that it’s what adolescent girls wear, but dad insists she change. For heavens sake, his pals are arriving! She promised to assist him host—not slut! Jessica glares at her father before going into her room and slamming the door.

Jessica carefully unlocks her bedroom door as she slips out into the corridor to males applauding and laughing in the other room. The game started. The camera gently pans out to find the youngster in another daring clothing, despite her father’s warning. She comes into the kitchen, takes a bowl of chips, and heads to the living room looking smug. Jessica asks if anybody wants a drink and uncomfortably greets John as her father and his two friends watch the game. Jessica’s father is displeased by her clothing but can’t say anything in front of his buddies, so he pushes her away. John, though, appears obsessed with the 18-year-old. He follows her back to the kitchen and asks if she needs assistance.

Jessica wants to impress John by seeming mature and smart. After informing him her college plans, she calls him her favorite Uncle, even though they’re not related. With John around the house and being her dad’s best friend, she remembers their pleasant moments. John is lovely to Jessica while watching her father in the other room. He leans closer and murmurs about eating her gorgeous pussy. Jessica is surprised, thinking she misheard. She asks him to repeat himself, and he smiles and says he wants to eat the chips before returning to the living room. Jessica blushes. He really said that?!

One Hour Later

Jessica and her father’s buddies squeeze themselves on the couch. The game keeps them occupied, but she seems apprehensive. She continues thinking about John’s words. He is looking at her and quietly playing footsie with her in front of her father. The gentle taunting continues until Jessica gets tired and excuses herself to replenish the chips.

Within the kitchen, she opens the pantry and dumps a bag into the basin. When she turns, John is behind her. The chips fall to the floor when he startles her. She apologizes for being jumpy and reaches over to pick them up, embarrassed. John remains kind and charming but doesn’t help her. Instead, he looms over her as she bends down, ass innocently up in the air. Something odd about how he quietly watches her while observing the males in the other room. When Jessica gets up, they’re in an awkward quiet. John inching closer makes her squirm awkwardly.

‘Jessica,’ John asks. How about a question? Her head nods anxiously. John inches closer. Your dad told me you had a crush on me. That still true? he asks coyly. Jessica stops, her doe eyes fixed on him. How humiliating! She rejects, ‘I can’t believe he said that’ That’s absurd. I love you like family! She tries to return to the living room, but John grabs her. ‘But is it true?’ he repeats, caressing her arm. She glances down at it before gently looking up at him. ‘It was just a ridiculous school girl crush type of thing,’ she says. This is why I never pursued it. You’re Uncle Jack. Also, I’m too young for you… Just turned 18! John smiles as he carefully backs her up in the kitchen, asking what she used to think about him, what she thinks about him now, and that they are family friends. She anxiously backs towards a kitchen corner, showing her hesitation more than words. He finally gets her to say that she likes him and has touched herself at the notion of his fucking her. Jessica is anxious about having this conversation with her dad in the other room, but John continues diverting her by tugging her down in the kitchen so they can keep chatting without suspicion. John begs to kiss her, and she complies after some difficulty. After some foreplay, she verbally consents to intercourse.

She adores the BG sex scene but worries about being too loud and alerting her dad’s suspicions. John devours her, giving her a long rim job and having her deep throat his cock before slipping into her pussy and spewing on her ass. She glances up and sees her horrified father and his other buddy gazing down at them as the cum drips down her cheeks. Game’s ended.

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