[BEST] Father fucks his android daughter

[BEST] Father fucks his android daughter

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SCENE opens with a nod to the well-known point-of-view scene from the science fiction picture Robocop, which was released in 1987. Examining the frame, a top scientist bends over the point of view of a locked-off camera. She’s taking notes while standing with a small crew in a brightly lighted, clinically outfitted room. Regarding the last stages of their new version, the chief scientist is making remarks. She asks inquiries to ensure that the actuators that previously malfunctioned would be fixed before the trial while discussing the exteroceptive sensors and the CCD cameras. Periodically, as she speaks, visual effects (VFX) appear in the screen, giving the impression that the scientists are hunched over a computer. Once the scientist is happy, she instructs the group to drain it and clothing it in everyday attire. The father is going to be here soon. The squad offers her a farewell glance before pulling out of the picture.


15 March 2095, TEXT PLATE

a man’s shoes in close-up. As the camera gradually pans up to see an uneasy-looking man called Robert seated in a simple white office, he taps his feet and rattles his legs. The father is racked with sadness; six months have passed since the death of his cherished wife and his 18-year-old stepdaughter in an automobile accident. He has twice been admitted to the hospital due to severe PTSD, and his company has lately put him on medical leave, despite the backing of his family and friends. In actuality, his therapist was the one who insisted that he enroll in this government program as part of his therapy. As the lead scientist and her staff come in, Robert smoothes his hands through his hair and wipes his face to gather himself.

With considerable tact, the scientist extends her hand to shake Robert’s before giving him a hug and introducing him to her colleagues. In order to start the orientation, she motions for Robert to take a seat once more. As the scientist (VFX*) starts speaking, one of the team members follows her lead and utilizes a tablet to cast a holographic screen next to her. She gives Robert a formal welcome to the ARTIFAMILY institute and begins by outlining its background. Dr. Philip Bernard, a futurist entrepreneur and psychiatrist, founded it in 2040 with the goal of treating mental disease with artificial intelligence. From its modest beginnings, Bernard’s ARTIFAMILY has grown to become the premier clinic for treating individuals who have experienced great loss, emotional suffering, and exploitation. The screen next to the scientist shows several pictures of Bernard and the ARTIFAMILY institute while she tells their narrative. Robert is clearly distracted and nervous about being there, and he can only follow partially.

The scientist pauses to see how he will respond before presenting his case. The television flickers between pictures of his wife and happy daughter as she describes the terrible accident. At one point, Robert appears ill and has to bury his head between his knees. A different team member responds to the scientist’s signal by bringing the man a silver can. Robert sips it politely while the scientist continues talking about his eventual diagnosis of PTSD, his leave from work, and the advice of his therapist. She understands how difficult it is for people to hold onto a job and says he’s fortunate that his company is so encouraging. He is not making any face.

The scientist, who is kneeling next to him, gently reminds him that this is just the beginning of his recovery journey. ARTIFAMILY specializes in building android clones of departed family members so that the pain of losing a loved one too soon never has to be experienced again. In order to create an exact clone, their scientific team was able to upload and digitize their brain cells. They then used patented algorithms and machine learning to create a personality match from the digital data. ARTIFAMILY members are human, but you would never know it—aside from a little microchip hidden behind the left earlobe. The screen shows stock photos of androids under construction and a variety of sales pitches as she describes the concept to Robert. Robert looks at them, astonished. The holographic screen closes as the team leaves the room, dutifully following the scientist’s instruction to do so.

“Mr. White,” she murmurs. We are only able to dispatch one android clone per household lawfully, as per the AIX act, I must notify you. We have the right to select the more likely of the two applicants because you did not indicate in your original application which candidate you preferred. I’m hoping it will be enough. Robert gives her a blank stare and asks, “What do you mean by viable?” as the team leaves the room. The android daughter, dressed in a white tank top and white shorts, stands solidly between them as they are escorting her. “Daddy,” she mumbles. Robert goes cold. He cautiously turns around and sees his daughter’s exact appearance, and his tears well up. She stares blankly for a second before grinning and giggling. “I’m so happy to see you,” she exclaims. He stumbles toward her, feeling her arms, legs, and face, uttering an indiscernible shriek before bursting into tears at her feet. The crew looks at each other triumphantly as the scientist highlights the girl’s qualities, which include her smooth mobility, a wireless, SMART integrated computer system, and a discrete on/off function. She reminds Robert that before they can depart, he must sign some documents. He gladly agrees to sign whatever documents are required to bring his beloved girl home while he is overcome with happiness.

March 16, 2095 TEXT PLATE

Cut shows Robert carrying his bags inside the front door and guiding his daughter inside. He calls her Jessica and inquires about her memory of their house while being cautious and unwilling to release her hand. She enters, turns around, and gives her father the precise time and day that he and his late wife relocated their family into the home, as well as the GPS coordinates of 34.0259 N, 118.7798 W. She then smiles and nods. Robert’s smile falters, serving as a subtle but sharp reminder that Jessica has changed. When he requests to see her room again, she pauses a while before giving him a big hug and nodding enthusiastically. They go out.

We see Jessica going to her bedroom. Curious, she turns to face him and asks why he didn’t show her to his room. She is reminded by Robert that she has a private room. “However, I like to nap with you when I don’t want to be by myself,” she remarks, moving closer to give him a hug. As he holds her, he winces once more, glancing at the faint microchip tattooed behind her ear. Yes, my love, he replies. However, that was back when you were young. You are now eighteen years old. She gives him a look. “I’m going to fuck you because, in the state of California, consent to fuck with another person is legal at age eighteen, daddy.” She snatches his behind. Uncomfortably stepping back, Robert removes her hand. “No, Jessica, that is not right,” he trembles. “You must be confused about that.” Your stepfather is me. I am going downstairs. With a sudden exit from the room, Jessica looks at him and then carefully slides her fingers down her shorts, tugging them up to reveal sticky, moist fingers.

Cut to later that night. Jessica sits and watches Robert while he eats dinner. Jessica interrupts the awkward silence in the room. It’s silent. “Sexual relations.” She begins to spout. “The penetration-based sexual contact between individuals, particularly when a man inserts his erect penis into a woman’s vagina, usually resulting in an orgasm and the ejaculation of semen.” Startled, Robert sets down his fork. She looks at him, then says, ‘When are you going to penetrate me, Daddy?’ in a beautiful voice.

TEXT PLATE: 17.03.2095

Robert is seated in the living room with Jessica in the opposite corner. He’s making an effort to read the ARTIFAMILY handbook cover to cover, especially the section that shows how to switch off the android. To stop her from working, all he has to do is put his left thumb between her eyes. For security purposes, it is set to his thumbprint. With trepidation, he takes one last look at it, launches a web browser, and begins to put in “what to do if your ARTIFAMILY malfunctions” before closing his tablet and deciding against it. Rather, he inquires about his daughter’s plans for the evening and they engage in brief small conversation for a few minutes. Robert begins to relax and the discussion nearly seems regular when all of a sudden Jessica begins taking off her clothes. She asks him why he was looking for physical problems with her body when she can easily demonstrate that nothing is wrong by bending over. Robert covers his eyes with his hand after gazing at his robot daughter’s pussy. He instructs her to re-don her clothes. “No, dad,” she protests. “Not until I demonstrate to you that I am completely operational and don’t need any updates.” Robert tells her he can see as he carefully takes away his hand. She spreads her lips again, “I am an 18-year-old girl with perfect proportions.” “I am always eager to please you, have soft skin, and am easy to lubricate.” Robert gives a skeptical shake of his head. But he begs, ‘You are my daughter. “Yes, Daddy,” she says with a smile as she crawls to his lap on her hands and knees. “I am your daughter in the best possible way.” Daddy, I want you to fuck me! She accepts his cock by staring up at him while unzipping his pants. He panics and puts his left thumb between her eyes, causing the android clone to close her eyes and enter rest mode and emitting a red glowing button (VFX).

March 18, 2095, TEXT PLATE

Robert is pacing wildly in the background as Jessica remains still in her chair.

March 19, 2095, TEXT PLATE

Robert presses his nose on Jessica’s face as she sits there in the same motionless state. He seemed quite conflicted. He instructs the SMART assistant in his home to contact the ARTIFAMILY INSTITUTE, but he swiftly decides otherwise and ends the conversation as soon as the app confirms.


Robert settles back into his chair, Jessica motionless in the same spot. He is frustrated since he hasn’t eaten or closed his eyes in several days. Giving her a menacing glance, he informs her that she is not actually his daughter. He begins to rant, “My daughter was a spoiled brat who never appreciated me.” My wife probably decided to attempt driving the automobile that night because my daughter was giving her so much worry. How could she have done anything else? No one fucks drives themselves these days! He violently snatches the frozen girl’s face. He yells, “I should just fuck you till you break!” His thumb instantly reactivates her, causing a green glow to emanate from her forehead. In VFX She opens her mouth, looks up at him, and turns on. “Yes, father, please—please fuck me!” Robert takes his penis out of his trousers and presses it firmly into her artificial lips. BG Crude Sexual Scene. Using a lot of family roleplay banter, she gladly encourages Robert to go harder while he hate fucks the android during the intercourse. Ultimately, he gives her a full-body jizz. She looks up at him and starts to short-circuit, saying “Thank you, Daddy,” over and over. She falls to the ground.

Robert looks at his android daughter who is lying on the floor glitching (VFX), terrified and overwhelmed by what he has done. He then screams at his smart app to call the ARTIFAMILY institution. This time, the SMART APP queries him about his certainty. The phone rings as he yells, “Yes.” All that the tortured Robert can say when an ARTIFAMILY receptionist responds is, “HELP ME!”


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