Oops, That’s A Family Thing – Alexia Anders & Charlie Forde

Oops, That’s A Family Thing – Alexia Anders & Charlie Forde

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Upon waking up each morning, Alexia Anders’ thoughts immediately turn to her stepfather. Pictures of her stepdad make her feel better about her clitoris, as he is the type of true man she aspires to be with. She is currently stopped in her adventures by the sound of someone opening the front door. Upon their return, Charlie Forde’s stepmother and stepfather are embracing in the hallway. While the stepmother is in the shower, she orders her husband to wait in the bedroom. This is the opportunity Alexia cannot pass up, she thinks to herself. In order to hide her legs and behind from her stepfather, who is confined to the kitchen, she sneaks into her stepparent’s bedroom, takes off her clothing, and covers her back with a blanket. The fact that this is his stepdaughter’s pussy won’t even register with the inebriated stepfather, according to Alexia. A massive dick belonging to her stepfather inserted himself into her hole and started pounding on her vagina before she could even think about it. Charlie is taken aback when she unexpectedly enters the room following a shower to see her stepdaughter and husband engaged in an intimate encounter. Despite her anger at Alexia, she seizes the opportunity to engage in some sex diversity, something she had been meaning to do for a long time. After a satisfying cocksucking with stepdaddy, Charlie goes down on her knees and convinces Alexia to join her in a double BJ, during which they have a delicious pussy feast. Charlie is fucked by Alexia’s husband as he feasts on Alexia’s pussy in a passionate threesome. They couldn’t care less about containing the sounds of pleasure as Charlie and Alexia took turns riding their stepdad’s fuck stick. Finally, when Alexia flips over on her back, stepdad can bang his hot stepdaughter and then his curvaceous wife into her slick snatch from behind. Until he erupts into an unending cumload, he maintains it up.

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