Lucky boy fucked both his hot mother and mom’s friend

Lucky boy fucked both his hot mother and mom’s friend

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Codey Steele has lived with his stepmom Jessica Ryan and houseguest Maya Woulfe for so long that he has outstayed his welcome. He has been urinating excessively and scattering his cum-covered trash all over the place. While using the restroom, Maya discovers a bundle of wadded tissue paper, while Jessica discovers some crusty socks. To try to set Codey straight, they devise a scheme to catch him in the act.

Codey doesn’t jerk off at the moment, even if the girls approach him from behind. They storm into the bathroom afterwards, hearing the sound of running water. They give it another go in the bedroom even later. Until Maya shows up one day while Codey is in the middle of a masturbation, they are out of luck. Maya is informed by Jessica that they will need to jerk Codey off in order for him to refrain from touching his dick. Maya sheepishly looks away as Jessica starts the celebration, but if Jessica wants to persuade Codey to cum, she needs Maya’s assistance. Maya swallows a lip in agreement. Maya is just as eager as Jessica to stroke and eventually blow Codey’s hardon as she starts to get hands on.

Codey still hasn’t taken off, so it’s obvious the girls need to take things more seriously. Jessica is the first to board and rides Codey in reverse cowgirl fashion. Cody eats his stepmom out while Maya tries it next in cowgirl mode. Maya spreads her thighs while lying back, allowing Codey to keep pounding her pussy. When Codey finally gets to the point where he can blow his nut on his stepmom’s back, Jessica gets down on her knees and feasts on Maya’s twat while he does her in doggy. Reminding Codey, the girls say they don’t want any more cum rags to be lying around the house.

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