Stepfather is happy when his Stepdaughter is back

Stepfather is happy when his Stepdaughter is back

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Kevin (Calvin Hardy) has been inconsolable since his stepdaughter Marie (Isabella Nice) ran away from home. It seems like she’s dropped off the face of the earth, and he can’t figure out WHY. Over and over he replays their last moments as a family, hoping to find the answer there, but it’s hopeless. She’s gone, and he has no idea if she’ll ever come back…

But when Marie DOES returns out of the blue, Kevin is overjoyed… until she reveals to him that she left for HIM. Kevin is shocked and afraid he’s done something wrong, but Marie drops another bombshell when she insists that she left because of her feelings for HIM…

When Kevin realizes that Marie admits she’s romantically and sexually attracted to him, he’s mortified. They’re stepfather and stepdaughter! Surely she can’t have such feelings for him! What will his wife, Marie’s mother, think?

Marie’s expression darkens. She admits that she’s jealous of her mother and it breaks her heart that her own mother doesn’t even CARE seem to know that she’s missing. Her mother doesn’t care about HER and she DEFINITELY doesn’t care about Kevin… not like Marie does… but if Kevin can’t return those feelings, then Marie has no choice but to leave again.

If Kevin wants to keep his stepdaughter close, he may have to get closer to her in ways he never imagined…

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