Daughter Saves My Marriage – Molly Jane, Cory Chase [Clips4Sale x BareBackStudios]

Daughter Saves My Marriage – Molly Jane, Cory Chase [Clips4Sale x BareBackStudios]

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Scene 1: Peace maker

The quarrel between Molly’s parents has never stopped. She had even overheard them discussing divorcing. She stops Molly’s step-dad as he turns to walk away. He explains to her that since her step-mom won’t fuck him, he is leaving to find someone who will.

He will be sucked by her if he remains. She astounds him, but he is unable to react when she removes her top and touches his trousers. Her large eyes convey that she will stop at nothing to preserve her parent’s union, and she kneels down to suck her father’s cock. She clearly understands what she’s doing, as seen by her smile. He cums in her mouth, which she then swallows. Molly considers how she still has a few days with Step-Dad in the house as he goes away.

Scene 2: Going to the movies

On the couch, Cory and her husband are discussing going to a romantic comedy. She is informed that he would like to remain at home. Cory departs in a furious state of mind. When Molly overhears, she threatens to fuck her stepdad if he leaves.

She disrobes before putting his cock in her mouth. She gives him a rock-hard suck before putting her pussy on his dick and her large breasts in his face. Step-dad thrusts with all of his rage as they fuck on the couch.

When Step-Mom comes back, Molly and Step-Dad hide the incident with her skirt. Molly’s stepmother wonders why she’s with her. Molly is only assisting him with marriage therapy, according to Step-Daddy, who is sitting on his lap. Step-Mom appears uneasy but departs so you may go to the movies by yourself.

When Step-Mom pulls out of the driveway, Molly and Step-Dad resume fucking while they wait.She shouts, “Oh god, step-dad!” She orgasms as a result of the warm cum her step-dad gives her. He sends his stepdaughter go in good spirits before going to apologize to Cory.

Scene 3: The stepdaughter in the morning

After spending the night out, Molly’s stepfather returns home quite early. If Molly cannot stand in for him, Cory will be furious with him. He cozies up to his half-naked stepdaughter in bed, and he doesn’t take long to begin caressing her pussy. They begin to fuck while holding each other. Her step-mom is asleep just next door, and her loud groans are out of control.

Step-Dad slips in his cock after lubricating his step-daughter’s ass. He answers to her question by saying that his wife forbids him from fucking her ass. She sobs, “Fuck me, step-daddy.” When the sensation becomes overwhelming for Molly, she cums on his shaft and fucks her ass.

Scene 4: Step-Mom Knows

Cory learns that her stepdaughter has been sex-fucking her husband. She decides to join in the fun by tying Molly to the bed. Her stepdaughter groans as a result of her licking and teasing. Molly begs her step-mom, “no, this isn’t right.” Cory simply keeps forcing her to fight the pleasure.

When she is finally untied, Molly is immensely excited and gives her step-mom a passionate kiss. Cory gets a hard come from her quick fingers and licking of his pussy. Cory adds, “that’s my good,” and they exit the room after exchanging kisses.

Scene 5: I want my stepdaughter’s ass.

Step-dad summons Molly into the bedroom while Cory is gone for the day. He wants his stepdaughter to put on some of Cory’s underwear while it is on the bed. She dresses as instructed while sucking on his cock.

She cries out “oh step-daddy fuck me” as he throws her on the bed and fucks her. She then screams with joy as he fucks her tight ass. She can’t keep track of how frequently her step-dad makes her come. She licks and swallows every last mouthwatering drop after he fires his load over her flawless face. Molly need to think about working as a marital counselor.

***There is a lot of anal sex in this video.***

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