Full Video Taboo Diaries Vol. 10 [2016]

Full Video Taboo Diaries Vol. 10 [2016]

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Bambi Brooks

Dear Daddy: I know I can’t tell you this, so I wrote it down. These feelings I keep having when I think about you are becoming increasingly intense. I imagine your cock gently slipping into my mouth while you watch every action I make. As it hardens, I can practically feel your cock pulsing in my mouth. I straddle your hips, sliding your cock into my little pussy as the cravings overcome me. Ohh Daddy, you feel so amazing inside me, and I can feel you cum inside me as I scream in delight. Oh, Daddy, I adore you!!! I hope you realize what your tiny daughter requires. Love Bambi

Peyton Simmons

I came home from class early today to show Daddy my grades, and he was furious when he noticed the F. He yelled at me and forced me to crouch over his knee for a spanking. He became much angrier when he realized I wasn’t wearing panties. He spanked my a$$ hard, which turned me on. It didn’t take long for him to be fondling my enormous tits. I sucked on his cock and licked it till it was moist and pulsing. I climbed onto Daddy’s lap and rode his cock. Then Daddy threw me over the couch and raped me till he was inside me. I’m hoping I don’t fall pregnant.

Esmi Lee

My affair with daddy has been going on for months, and I’ve recently had some pregnancy fantasies. I surprised Daddy on the couch the other day. He was taken aback by how bold he was, but his cock hardened quickly. I took it from him and deep-throated him for a bit. I undressed down and impaled myself on his cock. It felt so nice in my pussy that I rode him till I had to feel his cum inside me. I rode his cock hard and fast, begging him to cum in me till he exploded and stuffed his seed into my pussy…. That might be enough.

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