Happy family swap on Halloween

Happy family swap on Halloween

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If four families each gave one member to form a new family, what would happen? Despite the fact that a killer is at large, the exchange family is celebrating Halloween in this episode of Family exchange. Will Pounder, Chloe Temple’s exchange dad, and her carve out some time for their romance. Chloe says she’s terrified and that it’s a strange coincidence that every time someone gets offended, her exchange brother Joshua Lewis disappears. Chloe just has to hear would assure her that her exchange dad would take care of her to drop to her knees and start blowing him.

Through the window, Will notices a disguised villain while he is having fun. Will is DTF, and the stranger says he’d want to join in. When Chloe sees the man in the mask, she becomes excited too. Chloe is really double teaming the Ds when Millie Morgan, her exchange mom, enters. All that bothers Millie is that she wasn’t invited to participate!

Allowing Millie to control Will, Chloe lets him put his terrifying man into Chloe’s coochie while blowing his dick. Before the girls tag out to allow Chloe to ride Will’s hardon in reverse cowgirl while Millie gets a doggy style dicking down, Millie takes her turn riding Will’s stiffie in cowgirl fashion. When they return back to their original partners, Millie spreads her thighs for Will while Chloe enjoys Mr. Scary Mask in the dog. The man with the mask feeds Chloe a creampie shortly after Will gives Millie one. Satisfied, the unidentified villain proceeds to commit murder.

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