Happy Halloween! Are You Up for Some Fun, Big Bro?

Happy Halloween! Are You Up for Some Fun, Big Bro?

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The opportunity to don imaginative garb and celebrate Halloween has here. When Chanel Camryn’s stepbrother, Juan Loco, strolls in, Chloe Temple, Tiana Blow, and Chanel are busy stuffing Trick or Treat bags. He interrupts their talk to find out what they’re up to, and then proceeds to knead and squeeze Chanel’s behind. Chanel comments to her pals that being stared at by them is simpler than being constantly stared at by Juan. Tiana and Chloe agree that it is unbearably hot outside and tell Juan that they want to play with them.

Juan comes back into the room once the girls have finished their sweets and resumes his probing of Chanel’s privates. When Tiana and Chloe return from handing out treats to trick-or-treaters when the doorbell rings, they discover Juan with his balls buried in Chanel’s snatch. Chanel continues to fuck Juan while her friends watch, clearly enjoying every minute of her mom’s free use time.

Juan is delighted to oblige Chloe and Tiana’s request for a turn. The next person to receive Juan’s hardon is Chloe, who rests on the table with her thighs apart. Tiana moves in for some Juan from behind, and she gets what she wants. Chanel gives her stepbrother’s fuck stick another go while Tiana masturbates on top of her. Then Chloe does it again, and Tiana follows suit. After Juan has satisfied all three females, they kneel down and take turns licking his hardon clean of their fluids, leading him to a pop that will leave Chanel’s face sticky with sugar.

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