Your gigolo job will made stepmom YOURS and ONLY YOURS FOREVER – Kathia Nobili

Your gigolo job will made stepmom YOURS and ONLY YOURS FOREVER – Kathia Nobili

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Your step-mother is acting in ways you never imagined she would! You are aware of how bad things are getting between her and your stepfather. But Steven, this day will alter your course in life.

Step-Mom reserved a hotel room for herself and called a reputable service, asking for the young man in particular. Your heart stopped when the agent called and gave you all the details and the client’s name! Your step-mother must be fucked! You seized the chance to accompany her in an instant!

When you knocked on her hotel room, you felt so uneasy. But after hearing your step-mom’s voice, you realize that, after all this time, she will suddenly be a guy!

Your step-mom is rather astonished when she sees you! She is looking for a justification for her actions. But she won’t ever lie to you! She gave everything—including herself—to you for a very long time because you were the one she loved most. But you left, so go get a job and grow up! But your step-mom is still a gorgeous woman—even more so than before! And her desire for sex is still strong! She has requirements that must be met! And for that reason, she made the professional call! She never anticipated your visit to her hotel room!

When your step-mom fell pregnant with your step-father, there was no room in the house for you any longer. You were wondering if she would ever forgive you for leaving her. If only you knew!

But now that you and your stepmother are here, they both look absolutely stunning! And it was all forgotten! She gives you such a kind, loving touch. And now it’s you who’s in need of her! to feel and kiss her! You simply seize her and begin kissing her! And she returns everything to you with intense passion! Having those gorgeous boobs again in your hands and lips is so much fun! You are so eager to treat your stepmother like a man! Have this ferocious, out-of-control sex like you used to have with her to fuck her! And it’s fantastic! Your cock is covered with stepmom’s fluids! She is removing you and stuffing her pussy with all of your cock! The phones ring at the perfect time! FUCK…NOT RIGHT NOW! Your stepfather is here! You’re begging my stepmother not to take me up! However, she glared at you and said:

,,Let’s be quite clear: No more lying! My little boy, I adore you. You have my utmost love! And this is the perfect time to end all of my life’s lies.

She picks up the phone with your firm cock still inside her and still sliding toward you. And telling your stepfather everything, even the fact that she no longer loves him and is unable to live with him. However, he started screaming at you, step-mom, which made her angry. She told him straight up that she was with you and his stepson right now! she is having the best sex of her life with you, the only man she has ever loved! And she only wants you!

And even the truth—the huge secret—was something you had never considered!

Learn the truth, which will make your stepmother exclusively YOURS! YOUR FOREVER!!!

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