How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend – S15:E5 [StepSiblingsCaught]

How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend – S15:E5 [StepSiblingsCaught]

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Katie Kush and her stepbrother Seth Gamble get set for Thanksgiving with their parents, Andres Mclovin and Serene Siren. Katie can ask her friend Jessie Saint to supper. Girls wear holiday outfits to school. Serene requests Seth’s costume. Serene suggests stuffing the turkey. Seth says he doesn’t know how, so Serene kicks all three kids out of the kitchen and instructs them to return in an hour with the answer. Seth watches online films in the bedroom while Jessie shows him. Seth is a jerk, so the females plot to fuck him.

Katie undresses Jessie and lays her on the bed for Seth to stuff. Jessie instructs Seth to remove the giblets. Finger-banging her is practice. The females tell Seth to stuff something next. They suggest using Seth’s firm dick. Katie helps Seth get it out and into Jessie’s snatch. Katie first wants to get her pal laid. Katie wants some D as Seth beats Jessie.

Katie moans in excitement as Seth stuffs her, kneeling on the bed. She leans forward and eats Jessie while she’s penetrated, ensuring Jessie’s good times continue. Next, Seth lies on the bed so Jessie may climb on and ride his dick in reverse cowgirl. Katie rides Seth in Jessie’s place for another chance at the D. She can bend forward to eat her companion again while her hips set an ecstatic rhythm. After eating, the girls blow Seth until he provides a cumshot they can share.

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