PureTaboo – Mamma’s Boy – Blair Williams

PureTaboo – Mamma’s Boy – Blair Williams

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Rachel, a 20-year-old girl, enters her family’s kitchen after a late night of partying. Nathan, her younger stepbrother, eats cereal and dresses nicely in his school uniform. He looks down in disdain and says she shouldn’t be wandering about the home like that. Rachel laughs and eats with her brother. He’s teased for wearing his school uniform even if he doesn’t have to. He’s 18. Nathan begs her to leave him alone, he dressed like this because he is an excellent student. He’ll graduate and attend college, unlike her! She ignores Nathan’s comment that she’s happy his mom worked the early shift this week because else she would be in great trouble for making fun of him. He slams his spoon and walks out after she laughs louder and labels him a mama’s boy.

Nathan storms into the living room and summons his mother. He calls to say Rachel is making fun of him again. He’s convinced she’s hungover and plotting something nasty this week while she’s working. Nathan tells on his sister to get his mother back since he doesn’t enjoy being alone with her. She’s unsettling. His mother says he’s a grown kid and shouldn’t worry about his step-sister. With her father traveling for work and not paying attention, she is still discovering herself. It’s good to see them finally spending time together. Because they’re mingled. She tells him she loves him but must return to work, and the mother and son have a sweet, heartfelt goodbye. Nathan is frustrated with the call. When Rachel listens, he leaves. ‘I make you uncomfortable?’ she teases. They’re family, Nathan says. She needs to dress properly. Mom’s opinion? Rachel wonders why Nathan usually goes to his mum for help. Is he into her? He’s weirdly maternal! Nathan orders her to go, takes his backpack, and rushes out of the home for school.

That night. Moaning brings Nathan home. His mother ignores him. Slowly ascending the stairs, he finds the noises are coming from his bedroom! He is astonished to discover his step-sister watching one of his pornos on TV when he opens the door. Embarrassed, he attempts to switch off the TV as she mocks him about all the sexual flicks she found beneath his bed. Just a crop top and pants.

He hurries to his bed to hide the pile of DVDs after turning off the TV. He appears desperate for something. Rachel asks, “Are you looking for mom’s photos?” Nathan stops. His eyes are raging. Rachel shows Nathan his mother’s cum-stained photos. “These are filthy,” she says. You dropped how many loads on this photo? Does my dad know you jack off to mother’s photos? Rachel goes around the room, taunting Nathan and belittling them. Between these cum-soaked images and your extreme porn, I think it’s safe to say that I have something very substantial to tell our parents about your wicked conduct!

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