Mom, I’m Bigger Than Father? Bunny Madison

Mom, I’m Bigger Than Father? Bunny Madison

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Bunny In her early arrival from work, Madison finds her stepson Max Fills talking on the phone. He’s bragging to a friend about how huge his dick is. Max argues that it’s bigger than his dad’s when she calls him on it. Bunny tells him she has a terrific vag and challenges him to demonstrate just how ripped she is.

Bunny and Max run into each other later on in the hall. As soon as she realizes this, she begins demanding to know what he plans to do about it; would he force her against the wall and lick her until she begs him to pump her full of cum? The portion where you push against the wall is initiated by Max. Bunny melts as he pops her tits out and then licks her delicious pussy. Honestly, she didn’t think he had the guts to do her.

In the bedroom, Bunny gets Max on his back so she can get her hands and tongue all over that wonderful big dick of his. She climbs on top, straddles her stepson, and slides down onto his hardon for a good cowgirl fucking. When Bunny gets on her knees, Max gets to appreciate her big ass as he delivers it to her in doggy. They relax with Bunny on her back, the landing strip coochie squeezing her stepson for all the cum he’s worth.

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