PureTaboo – His Father’s Legacy

PureTaboo – His Father’s Legacy

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After reading her late husband’s will, Natasha (Lisey Sweet) goes home with her 18-year-old stepson, Edwin (Codey Steele). Edwin vows to help her get back on her feet, including letting her stay at his place.

They embrace warmly.

Edwin then recommends cleaning up his father’s belongings. Start early to finish quickly and avoid will issues. Start with the father’s storage container. When they unlock the locker door the next day, their jaws drop in disbelief.

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After discovering a BDSM dungeon, Natasha and Edwin are appalled. They feel misled, but Edwin experiences a sexual awakening when Natasha explores the equipment. Edwin pledges to clean the room, upset.

Edwin steadily corrupts over the following few days, unknown to Natasha. He doesn’t get rid of the equipment, and Natasha confronts him again, growing frightened out and frantic.

Finally, Natasha visits the storage container to assess Edwin’s progress but is horrified to find it unchanged. Edwin walks out of the shadows with a sneer, shocking her more.

Edwin WILL carry on his father’s heritage…

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