Let Them Talk II pt.2 – Slimthick Vic (Mother-Son Love Drama)

Let Them Talk II pt.2 – Slimthick Vic (Mother-Son Love Drama)

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Since Juan felt humiliated of betraying his father, Dick Chibbles, in Part 1, Stepmom Penny (Barber) made love to her son Benny (Juan Loco), maybe for the last time.

Benny claimed that he was seeing an older woman, and the next morning, Vicky (Slimthick Vic) surprises the teenager by sneaking into his room through the patio door. He disagrees with her that it’s appropriate for her to meet his parents, and he is irritated that they are at home. Benny is startled when Mom knocks on his door and orders Vicky to hide in his closet.

Vicky is dismayed to see mommy kiss Benny and make a suggestion about what transpired between her and Benny the night before. A furious girlfriend confronts him after he kicks mom out of his bedroom and asks: “Does your mother only kiss you on the lips? And that’s why you couldn’t come hang out with me last night—you were preoccupied with your mom, right? Benny declares “I love you and I’m marrying you” while on the defense. Vicky hears the boy out and glances down at the engagement diamond she is wearing.

He begs them not to inform him that this is their first altercation. She responds, “I suppose it is. Vicky gets kissed, and he asks, “You feel that? It’s because I adore you. Vicky sighs, “I feel like doing something really, really naughty.” She asks him after taking off her clothes, “Have you ever fucked a female in your bedroom? Before stepmommy returns, let’s see how many times you can make me cum. Watch the action as Benny prepares to perform under pressure.

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