My Student’s Stepbrother Picks Up A Few Tips From Me

My Student’s Stepbrother Picks Up A Few Tips From Me

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Eliza Rae has arrived to speak with the parents of one of her students. She runs into Charlie, her student’s stepbrother. Charlie explains that he is alone at home. Eliza reveals that it is critical that she speaks with them today. She begs Charlie to take her back to the apartment so she may leave a note for his parents.

Eliza admits to Charlie, once he is alone, that his stepbrother has been making sexual remarks about her body. He’s even been sending her unsolicited drawings of dicks. Charlie is really sorry. He’s so polite and delicate that Eliza has an idea: she wants to give Charlie her phone number so he may text her on a regular basis and send her actual dick pictures. Her titties in a peekaboo bra that shows off her pierced nipples make her come-ons even hotter.

Eliza is quite convincing, especially when she gets down on her knees to suck off Charlie’s firm cock. Eliza moves forward and gives herself to Charlie for a screw. He does her from behind and then convinces her to sit on the chair so he can thrust back inside as she watches. As she rides Charlie to work in cowgirl, the teacher continues to educate him. Charlie can barely hold on as she spins around and does him in reverse cowgirl. Eliza senses Charlie’s proximity and drops down on her knees just in time for a facial that leaves her satisfied but already looking forward to the next time.

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