Stepbro And The Pool Guy Give Me Dp Maria Kazi

Stepbro And The Pool Guy Give Me Dp Maria Kazi

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In the kitchen, Maria Kazi and her stepbro Parker Ambrose are relaxing while Robby Echo tends to the pool outside. Parker inquires as to Maria’s object of gaze as he notices her fixation on the window. They start talking about how Maria was having an intimate encounter with Parker till he entered her body after she expresses her desire to fuck the pool guy. If Parker will only let the pool guy inside for Maria, she is willing to screw Parker again.

As soon as Robby enters the house with the stepsiblings, Maria spares no words. Last week, she enjoyed Robby’s admiration of her, and now she desires to do him. Actually, at this very moment, she wants both men inside of her. The men decide to play along as Maria puts one of her hands on their stiffies. As she knelt down to blow them both, she caresses the salami that her lips aren’t sucking.

Taking their affair into the bedroom, Robby kneels behind Maria’s head as Parker devours her. Maria gets down on her knees and Robby gives her a good ol’ doggy pussy pounding while she keeps down Parker. Parker mounts up so Maria can ride him in reverse cowgirl, and Robby gets some DP by into her from above. As Maria kneels down, Robby fucks her from behind and Parker fucks her from below, resulting in another double dicking. Maria, on her knees for the final time, deep throats Robby while enjoying Parker’s hardon removing her. She gives both men a double handie as a treat for being cooperative, and they both cover her with cum.

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