Dad Came Into My Room Last Night – FamilySwap

Dad Came Into My Room Last Night – FamilySwap

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Kylie Rocket visits her swap mom Kenzie Taylor to share a secret: Last night, her switch dad Charles Dera groped her in her room! Kylie admits she enjoyed it while knowing it was bad. Kenzie waits for Charles to return home as she continues to feel unhappy. Upon doing so, he discovers the girls in the living room, all dolled up with Kenzie. Up until Kenzie confronts Swap Dad about his terrible behavior, Swap Dad is pleased with what he sees.

Kenzie demands that Charles pull his cock out the second Kylie finishes telling the story. Mommy has to teach her swap daughter new tricks. Following her instruction of Kylie in a deep throat BJ, Kenzie switches things up. Kylie is told by Kenzie to remove her underwear and give them to Charles. As Charles’s hands caress his exchange daughter Kylie’s delicate titties, he sniffs them and plants a kiss on her lips. Kenzie is busy eating her daughter out while Charles works on Kylie’s top half.

The next thing you know, Kenzie is assisting Kylie in mounting Charles’s man meat for a ride. Not gonna let Kylie have any fun at all, Kenzie. Even though she’s on her hands and knees, she continues her pussy feast while Charles hits her behind. After that, Kenzie tells Kylie to lay on her back with her knees crossed over her shoulders, which makes her pussy quite exposed for Charles to do acrobatics with while they fuck. A ride on daddy’s ding dong is Kylie’s reward for being flexible. Charles has no qualms about getting his dick wet in Kenzie’s pussy when Kylie changes her ride to her mother’s mouth and then her own fingers. Upon removing herself, Kylie immediately bends over to assist Kenzie in cumming. After that, Charles gets out to cum after the females urged him to do so. After Charles loses control and blows all over Kenzie’s hairy muff, he allows Kylie sucking him dry before mom and dad snowball the pleasure. Their plan is to make it a yearly tradition.

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