Lucky guy fucks his big ass stepmom and naughty GF

Lucky guy fucks his big ass stepmom and naughty GF

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Alex Jones’ new foxy stepmom is Jennifer White, and as she bends over, he can’t help but notice her gorgeous ass. His dad notices him stealing a peek and reminds him whose house he is in. Dad instructs Jennifer to keep Alex’s trashy spinning girlfriend, Coco Lovelock, out of the house while he is abroad. They have no idea Coco has a super-sneaky plan to get into her boyfriend’s house, and it all starts with a big ol’ chair in a box. Jennifer isn’t easily duped, and she recognizes Alex right away. Coco goes cuckoo in the bedroom for Alex’s huge cock and spreads herself open for him over his gaming setup. Coco hides when Alex’s stepmom checks on him, but she’s quickly discovered to be a pervy anal slut, and Jennifer just wants to join in the fun.

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