Mothers and Stepsons Scene 3 – Mona Wales

Mothers and Stepsons Scene 3 – Mona Wales

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Since her step-son, Nathan, moved in, Mona has been spending the day on the couch reading romance novels while he spends the day ranting at the television while watching football on mute. As her strong stepson yells at the television, Mona starts to enjoy reading about too masculine guys. According to him, the sex is always better when the heroine abandons the nice guy in romance novels to fuck the bad boy. She is about to fight when Nathan gives her a kiss. She retreats in an effort to honor his father’s wishes. On top of his stiffening cock, she begins to grind. Then he pushes her onto the couch and begins to suck her cunt. He repeatedly cums her till he pulls away and dumps all over her.

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