My Dominant Mommy. Mandy Waters

My Dominant Mommy. Mandy Waters

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Oliver Flynn seems to be having a blast. He gets a hot new step mom in Mandy Waters to lust for while taking college classes at home. Serious intercourse is the only thing lacking. However, Oliver begins to suspect that Mandy is very much coming on to him as her flirtatious behavior toward him becomes more overt.

Upon seeing Mandy exercising in tiny leggings and a revealing top, Oliver is about to go, but she begs him to stay and help her stretch. She makes him feel more and more sexually aroused until he had an epiphany. Oliver doesn’t have time to respond before Mandy gets down on her knees and eats that cock after she calls him out on it.

Regarding her stepson, Mandy has not finished yet. To give him access to her eager coochie from behind, she kneels on the sofa. To go on the D in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl, she shoves Oliver into the sofa. As he kneads and squeezes Mandy’s titties, Oliver submissively pounds her full of dick as she gets on her back. Oliver is about to please Mandy with a nice present by pulling out and popping all over her muff.

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