My Mother the Cam Star – Penny Barber

My Mother the Cam Star – Penny Barber

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In a black robe, stepmother Michelle (Penny Barber) is seen getting ready for camera. Billy (Chad Alva), her stepson, is outside in his car chatting to his girlfriend on his phone about Penny as she goes live. As the tips pour in, she is working the room and getting dressed. She eventually takes her bra off as the money keeps coming in, and Billy steps in and catches her at that point. She tells the chat room that she’ll be right back as he hastily exits, unable to believe what he just seen. She explains that she needs the money since she was laid off and has a lot of expenses when he asks her why she is performing cam shows. Billy believes she is too intelligent for camming, but she quickly shuts him down, and he departs.

He returns to apologize to her a little while later. They resolve their differences, but not before Penny asks for his assistance to make up for the income she lost when he stopped her earlier. She also offers that they perform some play acting live on camera because her followers desire her with a younger man. When he agrees, they both log on, and the tips start pouring in right away. As Billy says that it’s OK and the tips keep coming in, they kiss because the room wants them to. She then informs the others that he is bashful, so they will take things slowly. Billy begins to suck Michelle’s nipples as her bra comes off as they continue to put on a display. They put on a show and the sexiness grows till they can’t take it longer and start making out while she grinds on him. She then descends on him in cowgirl and doggy attire as a result. After blowing him, her pussy gets extremely wet, and then it gets even more moist when she enters the missionary. Before the show is done, a reverse cowgirl, a missionary, and a creampie are shown. Talk that is forbidden.

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