Podbrosy, 2018 (JUMPMAN) Mainstream Incest Movie

Podbrosy, 2018 (JUMPMAN) Mainstream Incest Movie

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Sixteen years ago left posted her newborn son Denis through a baby-hatch of an orphanage where he has lived ever since, handicapped by a rare disease, congenital analgesia, which affects his ability to feel physical pain, and needs to be medically controlled. Today, forbidden from taking care of her son, she tricks the orphanage staff, literally kidnapping and taking him to her home in Moscow. It soon emerges that her motive is anything but motherly. Because he does not feel any pain when injured, now he is trained to jump on cars so his mother’s friends can extort cash from the driver. First in line is Denis’ ‘instructor’ policeman Pasha, who drives a police vehicle alongside the one earmarked for the ‘accident’, and is first on the scene when Denis lays motionless on the ground. Pasha’s mother, Natalia is a doctor at the hospital where Denis is taken by an ambulance crew (also on the make). But the most profitable jobs go to Judge Olga and the bribed defense lawyer. The driver is forced to pay up a huge sum of money – and Denis gets hardly a penny, after everyone else has taken their share. At home his mother treats him more like a lover, running around half naked in a drunken state, even trying to seduce him. Their relationship, between mother and son, is balancing on the brink of incest. That all changes after Denis puts his foot down – and this leaves only one solution.

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