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A beautiful couple gets driven home after a speech. Senator Gregory, the husband, is on the phone with a constituent discussing the event, a ‘family comes first’ charity put on by one of their major supporters. He claims Mrs. Gregory glances out the window. She hates conservative events with her husband. It irks. With her husband travels so much, Mrs. Gregory has time to pursue her hobbies.

Senator shuts his phone and asks the driver how long to the airport. He’s certain that his son will be home when we return. She grins. William’s arriving. It’s terrible you’ll only see him for the weekend before traveling abroad. Senator reassures wife by squeezing knee. The child will stay all week so she can catch up with her step-son. Mrs. Gregory looks out the window, smiling less.

Titleplate cut

Luxurious bathroom. Mrs. Gregory sits on the tub’s edge, secretly perusing girls’ candid photos on her phone. Her spouse yells from below, delighting her. Farewell, please. Hangs up.

Senator waiting. She hugs him instead of kissing. William eats cereal in pyjamas. Sitting on the couch, he ignores his stepmother. Mrs. Gregory urges her husband to leave before his departure, knowing the insult. She kisses him and pushes him out, quietly winning. She hates touching him.

She enters the living room and softly looks at her step-son. Ignores her. Anxiety rises. Mrs. Gregory takes the bowl. “You haven’t answered my emails,” she snaps. He’s appalled. He eats again. She confronts her step-son. ‘I assumed our agreement was unambiguous,’ she says. I pay for qualified leads! William mocks. “You’re psycho,” he says rising. Mama, emerge! No more wingman! His mother quickly follows him to the kitchen. She pleads for cooperation. He knows her father and public situation. Disclosing her interests would ruin his political career. Fame and prosperity. She has generously replenished his trust fund for years! William interjects. Your interests? He argues. ‘Bribing me to bring girls over to utilize them?’ Mrs. Gregory puckers. Helping mom. She whimpers. William flees when his mother breaks. Loves her. Their poisonous connection is emotional. William’s sole mother is Mrs. Gregory. He has protected her lesbianism for years. ‘I scratch your back’. Fooling girls has troubled him. He hopes this visit is different. I want regularity. Mrs. Gregory, closed eyelids. She advises her youngster to contact one profile. No more. A date. One con. His week continues. Returning allowance. He accepts the deal despite his rage.

Days later:

William admits gorgeous college student Anna. They had fun on a dating app. Before getting them drinks, he kisses her flirtatiously. She smiles. Mrs. Gregory watches from the stairs in a provocative dress. Marilyn greets everyone downstairs. Anna anxiously says, “Oh, I wasn’t aware that Todd had a roommate,” unaware of William. Mrs. Gregory grinningly claims she lives here. Todd helps. Anna seems unsatisfied. She expected a hookup! Mrs. Gregory asks her name and age. “Anna,” she replies. Second-year nursing student, 21. Todd heard my placement exam nightmares! Mrs. Gregory tries to charm her. When Mrs. Gregory approaches, Anna is courteous. She says her assistant brings females to delight them, but never as exquisite. Anna swallows, stating Todd enjoyed it. She grins. Not interested? Anna’s asked seductively. The woman replies, “… Because it would be a terrible pity if you weren’t,” before Anna can react. You’re magnetic!

William returns. His mother arrived unexpectedly. “You’re here,” he replies coldly. “Sorry Anna, didn’t know she was home.” Anna says his boss was nice. “I had a really lovely time, Todd,” she says, standing to go. Better go. She apologizes. She offers to leave to date. She left anyhow. Mrs. Gregory’s aide seats Anna despite her reluctance. As she leaves with her pocketbook, the family looks.

William apologizes for his “boss’s” dominance. She’s kind, yet she may be pushy. His girlfriends constantly love her. His speech is stilted. Anna asks how many girlfriends he’s had before kissing her. Couch makeout. After kissing and stroking, Anna suggests they go to her apartment, but William refuses. Anna hits him.

Mrs. Gregory sneaks in through a side door and licks his dick. William notices her return, but Anna doesn’t. They exchange glances as Mrs. Gregory murmurs orders. Face-fucking distracts Anna. Easy swapping. Mrs. Gregory undresses. William raises Anna and urges her to ride his dick. She climbs him. William talks about his boss again while fucking. He emotionlessly asks Anna if the woman’s attempts turned her on. His boss sexs. Anna says she’s dated girls. His boss, a stunning older woman, wants a dick tonight. While muttering, William looked towards his mother. Mrs. Gregory impatiently waves him to finish. She’s horny. Go away. William changes. Enough manipulation. His mother won’t repeat this. My supervisor said she enjoyed sucking dick. He asks her, glancing at his mother. As a dyke, she exclusively does it with girls. She’s appalled. Bouncer Anna laughs. It’s hot. I enjoy threesomes. William laughs and picks her up and puts her in doggy, her face on the sofa. That’s just what I wanted tonight!

Mrs. Gregory stops him. He pounds. I shouted halt! She smacks her child, turning Anne around. She laughs shocked. “Oh shit, Todd, I didn’t realize you meant now!” William fucks again and welcomes his mum. He grins. Anna, up? Your profile said that! The girl smiles and says sure as Mrs. Gregory looks terrified at her son. “I can’t have sex with you,” she whispers. “My son.” William glares. “I’m not your real son,” he says. “And I’m never doing this again…so if you want that pussy, you better get down there and suck my dick.” Both women get his cock. Anna happily gets down and starts sucking again, unconscious of everything but a kinky connection. Mrs. Gregory mocks. “This is complete and utter betrayal,” she murmurs. William corrects his mother while fucking Anna’s face again. She betrayed him. Telling his father everything is treacherous. He’ll make her tonight. She’ll suffer. Anna urges her to please Todd. Enjoy it. She doesn’t get it. Mrs. Gregory yells at Anna to keep sucking. She kneels for William’s balls. “There Todd,” she says defiantly. You like hard! In the BGG sex scene, William and his stepmother hate one other as Mrs. Gregory focuses on Anna and William pulls her back to please him. William leaves Anna and jizzes his mother. She spits it out and hopes he’s delighted while rubbing his dick on her cum-stained face.

Anna realizes her relationship is harder than she thought. She packs and leaves. She’s leaving because it’s unusual yet fun. She stumbles out, enraged. Mrs. Gregory shouts, “You’re such a fucking liar.” “You’re the only liar!” He flees.


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