Say Yes To Undress – Helena Price

Say Yes To Undress – Helena Price

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When Helena Prices’s stepson sees her walking out in her breathtakingly beautiful dress, he finds himself unable to take his eyes or hands off of her despite the fact that he is suited up and prepared to accompany her to his stepdad’s important corporate dinner. He somehow finds himself holding her tits while gradually removing the top of her dress. She is initially a little perplexed before reaching for his cock. Helena overhears him discussing their lack of sex with his girlfriend later on the phone. She suggests that it might be for the best. They can also discuss his sexual fantasies, she adds. After a week, Helena’s stepson finds it difficult to meet her eyes. When she approaches him and inquires as to what is wrong, he explains the emotions he has been experiencing. Simply put, she outcompetes girls her age. He feels an overwhelming yearning for her because of her amazing MILF physique and seductive personality. She comforts him by pulling out his cock and giving her a hot sex session inside of her. He immediately appears to be feeling better!

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