Sexy Sister Lends A Hand – Alina Lopez

Sexy Sister Lends A Hand – Alina Lopez

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Alina Lopez is incredibly dedicated to her role as Seth Gamble’s stepsister. She takes care of her stepbrother because she doesn’t want him to go out and fuck the local whores. Seth is currently allowing Alina to give him a good jerking today. They act disinterested until Seth eventually nuzzles a waiting towel. Once Seth’s cum is gone, only then can he join his pals for a night on the town.

When Seth arrives, Alina is waiting for him, stating she needs to test him to make sure he didn’t hookup with any of the neighboring females. She undoes his underwear as a test. If Seth is punished severely, then he must have been a nice lad, in her eyes. Seth gets erect as soon as Alina sets eyes on his dick, of course. In answer, she says that she needs to fuck him in order to get the cum out of him. Alina sits down on Seth’s lap, pulls up her miniskirt and pushes her thong out of the way, and has her pussy filled with the cock.

They should have fun with Alina’s stiffie ride, even if it is out of obligation. Both the cowgirls and the reverse cowgirls despise the word “fuck.” Alina bends over and lets Seth give her a good doggie beating. She flips over onto her back so he can get her off after she gives him yet another satisfying climax. Alina pulls Seth onto his back and swallows his fuck stick till he gives her a mouthful of cum as a reward for her patience. Alina licks her fingers clean of their salty reward, satisfied that she has once again defended the honor of the females in her community.

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