What Mommy Wants S1:E9 – YoungerMommy

What Mommy Wants S1:E9 – YoungerMommy

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Her husband is cheating on Evelyn Payne. She waited until late with a nice meal and his favorite wine. She complains to Anthony Pierce after yelling at her husband. To avoid wasting the meal, she asks Anthony to join her. While eating, Evelyn complains about her husband’s neglect.

The conversation turns to Antony’s sex life. Since her stepson’s father is cheating on her, Evelyn offers to help him. Anthony is initially hesitant, but his stepmom is closer to his age than his dad. He gives in to Evelyn’s charms. In the bedroom, Evelyn lays Anthony down and winds him up. She then sucks his big chub and praises him.

As Anthony squeezes her ass, she rides that man meat in reverse cowgirl mode. She turns around so Anthony can watch her keep the party going. Evelyn moans and rocks back with every doggy stroke from Anthony. Anthony spoons Evelyn while she’s on her back. He waits for permission and then blows his load into a facial that leaves Evelyn smiling as cum drips down her face.

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