What Does This Button Do? – Chloe Rose

What Does This Button Do? – Chloe Rose

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Ike stumbles into a button-equipped keychain that eludes him as to its function. He walks over to his stepdaughter Chloe’s room and finds her masturbating frantically when she begins to scream when he presses it. Chloe attempts to pass it off as a friend’s controller when Ike confronts her about it, but Ike is smart enough to realize that he can use the situation. Stimulating your stepdaughter’s pussy repeatedly is the surest way to get her to stop being a brat. By the time the weekend is over and school is in session, Ike has helped Chloe remove the vibrator from her pussy; nevertheless, Chloe must now bear in mind the importance of obedience and express her gratitude to Ike appropriately.

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