Sister Anne: Family Breeding [Mormon Girlz]

Sister Anne: Family Breeding [Mormon Girlz]

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The Seed Bearer knew Grace was his from the moment he saw her. The man wanted the naked teen for more than her long red hair and pretty face. The girl’s demeanor suggested that having sex with her would be amazing. The Seed Bearer prepared the damsel for his seed. He humiliated the teen by making her strip naked and masturbate for him. He gave her to the High Priestess, who prepared her pussy with a precious stone and anointed her bare body with consecrated oil. He punished her on the priestly stretcher. He inseminated her in the Seed Chamber when she was ready. After sealing the covenant with his semen, Grace can join him in the highest and most exciting secret polygamy sex ceremony, family breeding, in a temple room designated to the ritual. The seed bearer has many girls to pleasure, thus his insatiable sexual hunger is good. Grace waits for the Seed Bearer on a large white couch with Anne and Betty. Even after all her erotic experiences, the young virgin has never gone through this. The girl must overcome her jealousy as her final lesson. The higher law of polygamy requires her to watch the Seed Bearer have intercourse with other women. Since he’s been inside her, they’re quite close. He’ll hurt her by inserting his firm cock into another girl’s pussy. Grace wants to be obedient and submissive. She’ll agree. She will do anything to please him. The Seed Bearer rows the females on the couch and teases their holes. He briefly stuffs his cock into Grace’s hot pussy before moving on to Betty and Anne. He focuses on naked teen Anne today. He tosses her around the couch and hammers her hole while she whimpers and pulls away. He enjoys watching Betty suck Grace’s pussy while pounding Anne’s inexperienced pussy. Grace looks at him in ecstasy to tell him that his fucking another girl enhances her pleasure.

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