Stepmom Lauren Phillips Stuck In The Washer Again

Stepmom Lauren Phillips Stuck In The Washer Again

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When Lauren Phillips unintentionally gets stuck in the washing machine, she is busy diligently doing laundry for her family. She calls out to her stepsons, Codey Steele and Vanna Bardot, to help her get out of this embarrassing situation because it has obviously happened before. However, when Codey and Vanna show up, they decline to lend a hand because they want to teach Lauren a lesson about being more cautious when using the washer. Lauren, who is in need of assistance, suggests that the stepsiblings turn her assistance into a game. The cunning stepsiblings are intrigued and aroused by this because THEY decide how the game will be played. Lauren will be subjected to a variety of sex acts, and she must determine who is performing each one. They will assist Lauren after three accurate guesses. Even though Lauren is frustrated, she agrees to the ridiculous game because she just wants to be free. Lauren decides that perhaps being stuck isn’t so bad after all once the rascals begin the game and start doing all sorts of sinister things to her!

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