Turning My Son Into A Real Mom Lover – Kiki Klout

Turning My Son Into A Real Mom Lover – Kiki Klout

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Busty and horny, Kiki Klout is a lot of fun. As she is tidying up, she uncovers her stepson Parker Ambrose’s phone and discovers a series of pictures taken at the gym, which are getting progressively grimier. Although Kiki had her suspicions about Parker’s libido, she has finally decided she wants to fuck him. Kiki is so embarrassed that she begs Parker to help her tie her shirt when he comes into the kitchen to join her. Afterwards, she bolts from the room.

Kiki asks Parker for his judgment as she returns to the kitchen in her slinkiest bikini. After he casually mentions how hot she is, Kiki gets all dolled up in a revealing bra and thong and returns to the living room with a swagger. Looking through Parker’s phone, she admits she bought the outfit for him. Kiki makes it obvious that she will do whatever he wants as long as he closes their relationship with a large creampie after he says he enjoys it.

Parker is fully on board with that plan. He observes while Kiki sucks on his cock and balls with those plump lips, and then he gets on top of him to ride him down. Changing gears and continuing to ride, she now adopts a cowgirl stance. The next thing she does is kneel down and lets Parker fuck her in a doggie fashion. She ends up on her side as Parker spoons behind her as they finish their lovemaking session, and he finally gives her the cream pie she wants.

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