Alina West – Cash Or Your Daughters Tiny Ass

Alina West – Cash Or Your Daughters Tiny Ass

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Alina West is a tiny, cute hottie with an extremely lean body. Her extra small cuteness is complemented by an innocent smile and face. Her stepdad owes a big black guy money, and he’s having trouble convincing him. The guy appears to really like Alina’s tight white ass, though. Her stepfather can tell what the large black man is thinking, and it involves defiling his young daughter. In order to use his stepdaughter as his pin cushion for his cock, the man tells the stepdad that he will return in 15 minutes and that he had better leave. In order to pay off the debt, the stepdad reluctantly requests that his stepdaughter entertain the man. Alina accepts and is a good girl. The large black man arrived after the stepdad had left. Alina declared that she was prepared for him while knelt on the carpet. He treats this little cutie rough. Her head is immediately slammed against his enormous, black dick. This teen just gave the roughest blowjob he’s ever given. Then, while stripping off her pants, he grabs her and slaps her in the behind. Then, while she is still wearing her tiny pink underwear, he bends her over and begins to slap her very shapely ass. While he begins to eat it out, her pussy is pulling her legs up in the air. Since Alina has never before been whipped around like a fuck doll, she screams the entire time. He starts to doggy- and missionary-style slam fuck her onto the couch. Even worse, he scoop-slams her after lifting her frail body into the air. This rough fucking leaves her speechless the entire time. Thrashing this sexy white teen pussy is our big black guy’s absolute favorite thing to do. She must kneel down and suck him off once more. This time, a messy cum shot is fired from his black hose. She licks it all off after wiping it with her finger. Talk about consolidating your debt!

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