Full Circle Fuck – Back to the Cooter (Part 3)

Full Circle Fuck – Back to the Cooter (Part 3)

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Cleo (Chloe) and Venice (Venus) are now moms in the year 2013, thanks to Jimmy and Carlos’s time-traveling pranks. Kiki (Chloe) and Sasha (Venus) now play that role. A surprising present from their parents and letters stating that Sergeant Miles and Tony are not their biological dads arrive at Cleo and Venice’s 18th birthday. The females approach Miles and Tony with their curiosity piqued. All the guys have learnt is true: Jimmy and Carlos from the future are Cleo and Venice’s biological parents. Cleo and Venice, eager to join in the fun, propose fucking each other’s stepdads. Miles and Tony waste no time getting down to business with the horny adolescent beauties.

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