Return from the past – Back to the Cooter (Part 2)

Return from the past – Back to the Cooter (Part 2)

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After fucking their virgin stepmoms, Carlos and Jimmy are transported from 1995 to 2013. Something is different when they go home, and their stepmoms have noticed it as well. Carlos and Jimmy wearing the same attire as the boys who took Kiki (Chloe) and Sasha’s (Venus) virginity in 1995 stuns them. To validate their suspicions, Kiki and Sasha demand to see the men’s privates. Due to their newfound libido, the milfs are itching for another round with their stepsons. After a time, the horny girls desire to feel their stepsons’ cocks inside them, even if Carlos fucks Kiki and Jimmy fucks Sasha. Carlos and Jimmy find out they have stepsisters in an alternate universe after they finish. What does the future hold in light of this? The solutions can only be found in Part 3.

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