Lustful secret between mother and son

Lustful secret between mother and son

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Parker Ambrose is unable to quit. He can’t seem to put his cock away after his girlfriend broke up with him, and he keeps jerking away the hurt by masturbating. If his stepmother Sydney Paige hadn’t made her fine makeup cloth, socks, and towels cum-stained, this wouldn’t be a problem. Sydney wanted to talk to her stepson when she received a call from school regarding his small issue because she felt that things were becoming awkward. Sydney has solutions since she is a good stepmom. She was aware that all Parker needed to go past his ex and resume being an excellent student was some good pussy. When Parker’s stepmom told him about her idea, she rubbed his cock while he nodded in agreement. When Sydney used both hands to jerk off and blow her stepson’s big thick dick, it got even better. She rode her stepson hard and let it stretch her MILF hole. Parker gave his stepmom a peck on the cheeks, causing her to squirm all over his enormous penis. Sydney asked her stepson to keep it a secret and let him rub her stepson cum all over her face. That probably won’t be the last time the two interact!

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