Memoirs Of Bad Mommies #1 [2013]

Memoirs Of Bad Mommies #1 [2013]

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Family Game Day

Scene 1:

Mother’s family game day was going well. She had not had the opportunity to spend meaningful time with her Stepson alone in such a long time. Levi, though, is keeping track of the minutes as each round of cards is dealt by checking his watch. How long will this endure, he wonders. On a Sunday afternoon, he had much better things to do than play cards with his stepmother.

I triumph again. Mother shouts as she puts her hand of cards down. In anger, Levi throws his cards on the coffee table and reclines. “Isn’t this wonderful? Since our last family gaming day, it has been a very long time. Mother replies, gathering the cards for another hand, “It just seems like we don’t have the time anymore. Your Father has been working on the weekends. Her Stepson answers, “Really? “Can we play a game I like to play if we’re going to play games all day?”

She accepts out of desperation to keep the day continuing with her stepson. And what game are you interested in playing? Mother replies and lists the games she has prepared for the day.

Levi adds, “If we’re going to play a game, I want to play strip poker.” Mother is shocked. He wants to play strip poker, but why? She first declines, but after realizing he will shorten game day, she grudgingly accepts. Anything to continue the gaming day with the family. She has so much fun so far with her stepson.

Everything appears to be going smoothly when the cards are dealt and Mother wins the first hand. But as the next hand is played, Mother loses, and she then has to take off a priceless piece of clothes, everything suddenly becomes too real. As she deals another hand while wearing a bra and a skirt, the mother tells herself that it’s not that horrible.

Each player must take off more clothing as the game progresses until they are down to only their underwear by the time the last hand is dealt. In delight, mother glances down at her hand. She could succeed since she has strong cards.

Levi sets the trap by saying, “It seems like you have a good hand.” Why don’t we play Winner Takes All with higher stakes? If you win, I’ll play games with you all day, but if I win, you have to follow my instructions. Mother examines her cards while stooping. She decides to accept the risk since she hopes to spend the entire day with her stepson. She knows she could have made a very significant mistake as they lay out the cards.

Winner Takes All, and her stepson plans to follow this rule exactly! He begins beside her as he takes off the final item of clothes that covers her completely. He tells Mother, who is sitting there nude and ashamed, that this has just begun as she prepares to go. Winner Takes All implies she must comply with all of his instructions. Then he motions for her to turn around so he can properly inspect her bare behind. Mother turns around and buys gifts for her stepson, feeling strangely delighted despite her embarrassment.

A few quick photos on his mobile phone come first, followed by a little touch of his stepmother’s bottom. However, the two of them get carried away, and her stepson ultimately works himself INTO HIS STEPMOTHER with a firm erection! It appears like they are both winning in this encounter as they become engrossed in the taboo desire. After Mother is overcome by waves of climax, she murmurs “I want you to cum now” into Levi’s ear, and he explodes upon her!

The situation calms down, and they all regain their composure. Why did they do that? Levi walks away, leaving Mother lying in his seed and feeling guilty for letting it get this far. A smile appears on her face as she makes an effort to hide it. Perhaps this is not so horrible after all.

Scene 2:

Mother enjoys her beverage while alone. She is filled with sadness as her spouse must once more stay late at work. It is the justification that is starting to make her suspect adultery since it is becoming more and more prevalent.

When her stepson enters, he finds her sobbing. The young man, aware that his father is to fault, inquires, “What’s wrong?” Oh, your father had to stay late at work once more. Mother answers by sipping some more. Her Stepson takes advantage of the situation by positioning himself better as the talk proceeds.

The situation is tight with a goodnight kiss. Mother is aware of her vulnerability and the fact that this is wrong, but she also has an inner warmth she hasn’t had in a while. We can just put this day behind us by finishing your schoolwork while I just go to bed. Mom retires to her bedroom by herself.

Later on the evening, Frankie, her stepson, knocks on the door asking for assistance with his schoolwork. She helps him till he fully understands the algebraic equation. His hands are free to caress Mother once he puts the book down.

Mother cries out, “Stop that right now,” but her resistance is wearing thin. She gets closer to the breaking point with each languid, sensual motion Frankie makes.

They quickly become engulfed in illicit desire, abandon familial ties, and take on the role of taboo lovers! She hasn’t had an embrace this intense in such a long time. She takes Frankie’s member in her mouth and suckers on it while she’s distracted by the moment till it becomes so enticing and huge that she had to feel the forbidden fruit inside her! When her Stepson loses control, he shoves into his mother and splatters her with his sperm.

They quietly clasp in blissful post-lover pleasure. They are aware that what they have begun will quickly spiral out of control.

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