Mommy’s Boys – Natasha Nice x [Full Version]

Mommy’s Boys – Natasha Nice x [Full Version]

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Scene 1:

Tyler (Nixon) and Dante (Colle), the stepsons, are eating supper that their stepmother Natasha (Nice) is making. She is making them a special meal because they will both be moving out shortly, but Tyler will have to meet Alison, his fiance, instead. Natasha has been visiting a fertility clinic in an effort to conceive because her two adorable boys are growing up and moving out. She becomes agitated when she notices a sperm sample in the refrigerator because she believes her husband may have forgotten that the clinic this time needed a “fresh” and in-person sample rather than one to take in. When she phones, her husband reassures her that it is not his. Biting his lip, Tyler. He is aware that he must tell his stepmother that it is his, and how unpleasant it must be to worry about her reaction. Tyler musters the strength to admit, and his brother Dante quickly departs since he doesn’t want to take part in this unpleasant conversation. Natasha wants Tyler to clarify why he would donate his sperm since she is perplexed and worried. Simply so, Tyler says, “for the money.” Natasha reveals that the reason they are visiting the fertility clinic is because their father’s sperm count is low. Tyler explains that their father’s poor sperm count is due to the fact that he is still a smoker. Since Natasha believed he had resigned, she is disappointed to discover this. Tyler reassures her that “everything will be fine.”

Scene 2:

As stepmother Natasha Nice enters her bedroom while trying to be a decent wife and mother, the awkward tension develops. Her thoughts are constantly on her beloved stepson, Dante Colle, and she touches herself when she does so. She chooses to say a lovely and very suitable “goodnight” to Dante while having conflicting feelings because she wants to exercise restraint. Dante and Natasha spoke to Tyler, his brother, about his ambitions. Dante is concerned about his stepmother since he doesn’t want to see her down and both of the young men are going to move away. The two then have a passionate kiss as a result. As Natasha strips off her clothes and Dante sucking on her nipples, Natasha assumes charge. After that, they immediately transition into a 69 with Natasha on top, followed by Dante putting her on her back and licking and fingering her. Dante penetrates her in missionary as she continues to be on her back as her mom speaks. Natasha dons a cowgirl hat and mounts Dante’s back. Natasha begins on her knees and ends flat on her stomach before returning to missionary and a creampie as they go into doggy.

Scene 3:

Dante (Colle) is working in the house Tyler (Nixon) mentions he has a new job interview lined up and that he had sex with Stepmother, Natasha (Nice), the night before. Dante is beside himself as he tells Tyler that he and Natasha had sex not long after as well. They start to fight over who she really wanted until she comes in and they confront her about it. Dante confesses his love, as does Tyler before Natasha says that they all crossed the line, The guys want her to decide between the two of them but she wants both of them one more time after she kisses Dante he agrees. The guys start to kiss and undress her as she starts to rub on them as well before sucking them both off. Dante lays back so Natasha can continue to suck him off while Tyler takes her from behind in doggy. Dante then gets his own turn in doggy as Natasha bounces up and down on him while slobbering on Tyler. Both guys, with Dante going first, take turns in missionary before they both cum inside her. Natasha finishes them both off with more oral and jerking until they cum again on her face.

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