SisLovesMe – All About Anal – Callie Black

SisLovesMe – All About Anal – Callie Black

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Callie overhears his stepbrother Allen discussing sex toys with his girlfriend. She asks Allen about it because she’s curious and discovers lots of hot things on his bed. Callie offers to try them out with his stepbrother since Allen’s girlfriend is unwilling to try them out. When things become uncomfortable while Allen is playing with his stepsister’s ass, he storms out of the room. Later, Callie demonstrates to her stepbrother how unbothered she is by having a sex toy in her butt. She gets horny because of this and blows on Allen to make him feel more at ease. When Allen’s girlfriend finally decides she’s not into butt play, Callie seizes the opportunity to have anal sex with Allen so that his stepbro can fulfill his wet fantasy.

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1 Item


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