Mother Sydney Paige Cuckolding Her Husband With His Son

Mother Sydney Paige Cuckolding Her Husband With His Son

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This is hard for even me to confess, but my wife Sydney Steele & I did something… terrible. She brought up the time I admitted to having a dream of witnessing another man fuck her while we were joking about. I thought this was neat until she asked if she could do it with my son, Johnny Love. She claims to have caught him staring at her on multiple occasions because he “looks like me.” I mean technically, she’s only his stepmom… She asks that I record it. John seems astonished yet open to the idea. Johnny then eats his stepmom’s hairy pussy after she swallows his large cat. The two of them begin to fuck, and she proceeds to cum all over his dick. She sucks and fucks her stepson till he pulls out and cums over and in her pussy, then she teases me about it. Even though it wasn’t what I was hoping for, I have to admit that my guy fucked her hard.

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