Stuffing Our Moms For Thanksgiving – Aiden Ashley, Barbie Feels

Stuffing Our Moms For Thanksgiving – Aiden Ashley, Barbie Feels

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This year, Aiden Ashley and Barbie Feels will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their sons Ricky Spanish and Max Fills. Barbie advises that everyone express gratitude to one another by going around the room. As the mothers get worked up over who has the larger dick after receiving thanks, things spiral out of hand.

The ladies resolve to end their dispute immediately. Both of them are pleasantly delighted when they give orders to their sons to bring out the gifts. They both collapse on the ground, with Barbie attacking Max and Aiden delivering a blowjob to Juan. The girls primp the boys with some stroking and sucking before leading them to the couch for some naughty fun.

Aiden rides shotgun on Juan’s hardon while Max is carried by Barbie. The girls switch roles, with Aiden taking on Max and Barbie riding Juan in a reverse cowgirl position. Aiden receives a pussy beating from Max on her back as everyone takes a hot minute to undress, and then Barbie goes down on her knees so Juan can dick her down from behind. That’s all the help the guys need to be ready to blow their loads, with Max delivering a massive load to Aiden and Barbie accepting one courtesy of Juan.

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