MomsTeachSex – Stepsons Graduation Day – S16:E1

MomsTeachSex – Stepsons Graduation Day – S16:E1

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Stepsons Graduation Day – S16:E1 – Jaimie Vine

Jay Romero’s graduation is today. While his father is unable to attend, Jaimie Vine, his stepmom, is delighted to do so. For the event, Jaimie dresses up in a stylish dress that conceals some sheer, sensual underwear. Jaimie informs Jay that she will change when they get home so they may attend Jay’s graduation party. She gets about halfway there when the zipper on her dress gets caught. To undo it, she needs Jay’s assistance. When Jay unlocks the dress’s zip, the dress glides down to display his stepmom’s sultry figure and sultry underwear, making Jay feel even more uncomfortable than before.

Jaimie makes an effort to brush the incident off, but she notices that Jay has a stiffie stuck under his graduation gown. Jaimie instructs him to masturbate rapidly and get rid of it because he can’t attend the party in that condition. Jaimie gets impatient as Jay tries to find some privacy but they don’t have time for him to retire to his room. To assist her stepson leave more quickly, she provides him a handkerchief. When that doesn’t work, she starts sucking with a wide opening. She’s simply doing it to ensure that they arrive at their destination on time, so it’s completely appropriate.

Even Jaimie’s blowjob won’t make Jay pop. In a last-ditch effort to mount Jay and slide home on his fuck stick, she pushes Jay back onto the couch. Jaimie tries riding Jay’s cock with her full tits in his face, but that still doesn’t work, so she tries spinning around and backing away like a cowgirl instead. Jaimie extends a dog-gone-it offer to Jay while on her hands and knees. Now that she’s engaged, she rocks back to receive his strokes as he offers her a great sense of pleasure. Jay may drive deep and pound his step mom’s pussy until he fills her up with a creampie of cum by having Jaimie lift one leg while she is on her back. When Jay’s father picks that very moment to phone Jaimie and inquire about how things are going, she is awestruck by the amount of cum.

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