Moms’ Yoga Poses Make Me Feel Very Weak – Kathryn Mae

Moms’ Yoga Poses Make Me Feel Very Weak – Kathryn Mae

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Physical fitness is something that Kathryn Mae enjoys doing. She often does yoga when she exercises at home. Even with her stepson Juan Loco staring at her, she seems unconcerned. In response to Juan’s repeated observations of her, Kathryn summons him to come over and observe her striking various positions. Instead of thinking about having sex, she tells him to observe her.

Every single one of those stances is so hot that Juan can’t help but fantasize about fucking his busty stepmom. Kathryn is prepared to deal with Juan’s raging hardon the moment she learns about it. In answer to Juan’s question about whether they will fuck, Kathryn proudly displays her ample assets for her stepson to admire. Kathyrn sucks Juan off while kneeling on the yoga mat, and then she gets on her back so he can devour her.

Now that Kathryn is on her back, Juan can easily slip home if she spreads her legs even wider. While he sucking on those titties, she rides him in cowgirl attire, turning the tables on him. After turning around, Kathryn maintains their cowgirl stance while they continue riding. Kathryn sees her stepson dick her down one final time as she gets on her knees, and then he pulls out to nut on her ass.

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