My Mom Really Cares – Penny Barber

My Mom Really Cares – Penny Barber

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Penny Barber has bad intentions toward her stepson Max, but she still wants him. She dressed in lingerie that shows off her e-cup tits and then comes up with an excuse to come to Max’s room. She offers him a drink and says she’s sorry Max’s dad puts him in detention. Max had asked Penny to bring him a blanket and his phone charger, so she does just that.

Despite Penny’s kind demeanor, Max can’t help but admire her perky breasts. Max asks if there’s anything he can do for Penny when she brings him a food. Max learns via a linguistic error that Penny wants a kid and that his dad won’t give her a cream pie. That’s something Max can take care of, for sure.

Max nibbles Penny’s pussy on her request and then has his cock blasted. Max’s dick becomes moist as Penny hops on for a ride in cowgirl mode while he sucks on her titties. Penny does a complete about-face and continues to reverse cowgirl on Max. On her knees, she takes a beating like a good little pussycat, and then she rolls over so Max can blast a nut deep in her juicy snatch as a treat for both of them.

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