Movie Night Has Never Been Better – Sandy Love

Movie Night Has Never Been Better – Sandy Love

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Sandy Love does her best to be the cool mom that her stepson Parker Ambrose needs. She brings him pizza and tells him she’s sorry he can’t go to the movies with his dad. Sandy leans in close to Parker and rubs her hands down his chest. She tells him that the woman should take care of anything he needs. Parker muffles that she might be able to rub a little lower, but when Sandy asks him to repeat himself, he quickly changes his mind.

Sandy knows exactly what her stepson needs from her, even though Parker tries to play it down. She moves to his side of the couch and rubs his thigh while rubbing his boner. Sandy opens up that stiffie and gets ready for a good suck. As her stepson plays with her titties and pussy with his hands and mouth, she tells him to shove it in so she can properly care for him.

After getting hit in the back by a bald pussy, Sandy gets down on her knees to enjoy Parker’s fuckstick from behind. She rides him in a cowgirl outfit and lets Parker squeeze her big ass while she bounces. When she turns around, Sandy keeps the party going in reverse cowgirl style while she rubs her behind. At the end, Sandy is on her back, moaning happily as Parker pulls out and pops all over her bare twat.

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