Rocking My Stepmoms Rhombus – Jane Wilde x Cory Chase

Rocking My Stepmoms Rhombus – Jane Wilde x Cory Chase

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Cory Chase goes to investigate a commotion she hears coming from her stepson’s bedroom. She discovers her stepson banging his head against the wall in anger. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t understand the geometry he’s studying for. Although his stepmom isn’t particularly knowledgeable with mathematics, she does have a suggestion on how she might be able to assist his dad drain all of his anger. When her stepson brings his girlfriend home the next day, Cory experiences a sudden surge of envy. When she sees the girl’s innocent countenance, Cory can hardly contain her disdain. In this female, what does his stepson see? Of course, except the blonde hair and attractive young physique. His stepmom is left to stir the pot of her jealousy below as he takes his lover upstairs. Cory thinks enough is enough when she overhears the young slut choking on her stepson’s cock. Before ascending, she makes a call to inform the girlfriend that her car is being towed. Stepmom can play now that she’s gone.When his girlfriend returns, she enters the scene as the stepmom is kneeling in front of her lover and sucking his cock as if her life were in danger. Screw it! She moves his stepmom out of the way so she can get her mouth around that cock. The females seem to strike a ceasefire as they exchange glances at one another in that stepmoment. They may both have enough dick here. While Rick hammers his stepmom from behind, his girlfriend licks her asshole. His stepmom enthusiastically consumes his girlfriend’s pussy while she downs the cock’s shaft completely. Even though Rick still can’t differentiate a parallelogram from a trapezoid, he won’t have any issues with biology the next semester.

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