Seduced By My Daughter Over And Over – Alex Tanner

Seduced By My Daughter Over And Over – Alex Tanner

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Alex—Can I sleep with you tonight, step-dad? -Expect the bedroom door to be closed while I relax in bed because my wife works late. It’s him, “step-daddy, I don’t want to rest alone, can I rest in her with you since step-mom isn’t home?” I nod, “Thank you step-daddy, only, you probably don’t know since you don’t tuck me in anymore, I don’t wear anything when I rest.” Though frightened, she opens her robe. “is it ok that I am naked?” She climbs in bed, rests her head on my lap, rubs my leg, and then wants to do something about how hard I am.

Alex: Step-Daddy, please touch my back.Alex calls me, I go to her room, and she wants me to massage her back. She encourages me to go lower, rolls her hips as I touch her, makes quiet, almost innocent sighs, and somehow gets me to take her shorts off.

Alex: Let’s workout step-dady I’m in our garage home gym to work out and relieve tension. Alex, in tiny workout shorts and shirt, barefoot, wants to workout with me. I’m drawn to her solid figure, which she knows I’m watching and asks me to support her feet for sit-ups. I’m almost between her legs, and she holds my legs but lets her hands go…

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